From $1 to $1,000 — Leveraging Creativity

I made my first $1 selling my ebook online 6 months ago. Now, I’ve made $1,000 selling my infoproducts online, besides making some money by rendering design & writing services to my clients.

  • No, I didn’t make a million dollars…
  • No, I’m not living near a beach…
  • No, I’m not an expert at it…

But I do make a living trying to leverage my creative inclinations. At least, at the best, without compromising my values.

  • I don’t have a boss
  • I don’t have an office
  • I don’t even have structured worktime & terribly miss the bifurcation between work and family.

Heck! Many a times, I find it difficult to get clients to make decent turnover for a month!

Guess, it’s part of the game.

I traded…

  • stability for peace
  • security for freedom
  • certainty for creativity


I’m still here. Surviving!

Not sure where this road would take me. Nevertheless I hope to continue the journey!



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Sathya @SathyaHQ

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