#9 Four Models You Should Copy for Growing Your Startup


1. Copy the Mental Model

2. Copy the Business Model

  • B2B businesses such as SaaS, coaching or consulting businesses may rely on channel partnerships in their business model to leverage high value nodes in their network to sell higher ticket products and services.
  • B2C businesses may focus on a freemium model, while leveraging their advertising and marketing reach to deliver incremental revenue.
  • Service businesses could use subscription models to drive sustainable revenue over the lifetime of the customer; or rely on personalised “high touch” offerings and communication that provides differentiated profits.
  • Product-led businesses may rely on one-time fees to sell their products.
  • Creating and selling infoproducts/ eBooks
  • Offering online workshops & coaching
  • Selling consultancy services

3. Copy the Measurement/ Metric framework

  • Number of tweets as against number of followers
  • Number of newsletters published against number of subscribers
  • Number of products launched/ projects completed as against revenue generated

4. Copy the Systems framework

My pick

  • Downloading and organizing the client files
  • Formatting the reports that needs to be submitted to the clients
  • Creating client specific reporting templates
  • Copy-pasting and uploading the final report on to the online management tool

Way forward



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Sathya @SathyaHQ

Sathya @SathyaHQ


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