Be Weird

Rejection and embarrassment — I fear them both.

But I’m trying to embrace it. It seems, this is my deep calling. “You are who you are. Write how you feel comfortable with,” — says me. Thank you!

I can, I can do this as myself, in my pen wise. I don’t have to sound ‘otherworldly’ or ‘other self’.

I am not an expert. I can never be. There’ll always be someone better at something than me.

But I can be me. I can be myself. No one, no one is better me than me. No one can be better me than me. It’s my world.

Uniqueness seems to be despised in this world. Uniqueness seems to be equated to weirdness.

You can call me ‘weird’. But don’t stop ME! Let me be myself, be my unique self, with my unique voice.

You have the choice to listen to it or not. But you don’t have the power, the authority over me, to not be me, to not be my self.

This is me. This is my-self. This is my voice…

And my dear friend, find your voice. Find your uniqueness, find your-self. Or rather allow it to find you.

There’s a beauty in it. I feel it, I feel the connection. I feel the centeredness, I want you to feel it too. I want you to feel yourself too.

Be weird! That’s a good place to start.

Originally published at on June 28, 2020.



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Sathya @SathyaHQ

Sathya @SathyaHQ


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