Do Not Disturb: A Little Artist At Work

Is your child not occupied meaningfully during the lockdown?

Are you feeling tired trying to engage him/ her while you also have other things to do?

Here is a simple solution. It’s not only effective, but also keeps your child engrossed independently. That too in silence.

No. You don’t have to put your child through another app or make her watch another ‘educational’ video. And no, you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money.

‘What is a colouring book?’ These are books with different cartoon or animal characters — only with the outlines. The child needs to colour the characters as mentioned.

Get them some colouring books

Children are, by design, creative and imaginative. They love to create. And they love colours. Art and colouring is o ne of the best ways that you can engage your child. It’s a form of art therapy. Your child can play independently and in silence.

It all started some 2 months when the lockdown begun!

At first, I didn’t know that my daughter had an interest in colouring. But one day, while I was working, she was repeatedly disturbing me. To keep her engaged, I drew a couple of flowers and asked her to colour it with her crayons.

Almost an hour must have passed. I decided to take a break from work. I was looking for my daughter given the unworldly silence that our house was in. My wife pointed me to the hall. There I saw her — deeply engrossed colouring her little flowers — bright red and yellow.

It took a while. But she realized that someone was looking over her. She lifted her head. A full grin on her face. I saw a sense of gratification. I witnessed a little artist — deep at work.

She showed me her flowers. She asked me, ‘Appa! How is it?’ ‘Oh, lovely!’ I told and took her by my arms.

I was joyfully not only that I wasn’t interrupted, but also how deeply engaged she was.

Her enthusiam to colour kept growing. My little flower drawings no more quenched her thirst for art. So, I searched for a nearby stationary shop and bought a couple of colouring books with funny cartoons and animals. She was elated.

Now, it has become a routine of hers to colour at least an hour or so. In private. In deep silence. It has become a staple diet for her creative hunger.

Now, I am careful that I don’t disturb the little artist at work.

Does it help?

Though initially welcoming, I grew rather skeptical later of this habit. I felt it wasn’t actually increasing her drawing skills. I thought, ‘She’s just ‘colouring’. There is no creativity in it.’

That’s her rendition of herself with her niece and nephew — Amulu and Mithran. She sketched it some 2 days back after waking up.

My wife was so surprised that she literally shook me up to show sketch. I was delighted. I wanted to preserve it. I took the pic.

So, make a trip to your nearest bookshop.

Buy some colouring books. Get some crayons. It shouldn’t cost more than 100 rupees. And I strongly suggest not to buy anything costlier. Otherwise, you won’t even allow your child to touch it.

Mind you, the war of art will have its casualities. Many of the colouring books may face sudden demise — torn apart by the hands of your ward. Or you might accidentally stamp on a ‘green’ warrior crayon lying lonely on the floor. So, be sure to build a habit of cleaning themselves up after their work. Importantly, ask them to put the crayons in boxes so it’s not found all over the house.

So, give your child the gift of artistic expression. Get some colouring books and crayons!

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Originally published at on July 27, 2020.



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