I’m writing after a long time

2 min readNov 23, 2022

Because I felt like it…

I don’t know where this energy is coming from. But I’m going to listen to it. Not because I’m feeling inspired, or wanting to share a great secret to the world.

But I just felt like writing.

“Just felt like it…”

When in the world, we, humans, would start living the way feel like living, rather than be constrained by shoulds and musts.

Is it even possible to live such an inspired life, where every moment is internally driven… every action is purposefully aligned… and every feeling is acknowledged and accepted?

I’m not sure when or how it would happen to me. Or would it happen at all…

I’m partially living that life.

But, there’s pressure. There’s obligations. So called ‘responsibilities’ that I need to perform, I’m expected to do. To the family, to the business, to the society, etc…

When would I have the courage to say ‘no’ to things that I don’t feel like doing? When would I have the inner harmony to honor the deep ‘no’ or ‘yes’ that arises from within?

It’s all sounding woo-woo!

On one side, success is defined as the ability to do what you want to do. On the other side, it is suggested that it follows only when you do what must be done, not what you feel like doing.

A contradiction!

Can the way to heaven be hell? Or, it can’t be helped! That one need to suffer and redeem to reach the gates of heaven!

Is God such a sadistic that he demands you to suffer before being rewarded? Can’t both the means as well as the end be joyous?

Sometimes, it makes sense to realize that to expect only happiness, but no sadness, is a child’s dream. Then the only way to be better to escape the tempting clutches of both happiness and sadness. To go beyond the realms of basal pleasure and pain.

Blissful. To embrace Grace. To be equanimous are the words/ phrases that are used to describe such a stage. Are such souls enlightened/ actualized?

William Irvine, in his wonderful book “A Guide to Good Life”, offers a different word for it. Tranquility.

What a word! It’s not over spiritualized, neither can it be easily misinterpreted. But it demands some explanation.

I think it’s a mix of contentment, satisfaction, acceptance and awareness. Don’t think I can mix anything else into there. Or I’m still figuring out!

Maybe that’s what I should aim for…

Not chase happiness. Nor avoid pain. But accept both the impostors as the same and relegade forward.

Then, I can hope that ‘tranquility’ can finds it way to me!




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