My GTD experiments with Notion!

Verdict: It continues

The game-changing feature in Notion
  • I not only want to get the work done, I also want to feel happy doing it
  • I not only want the outcome to be A-class, I also want to enjoy the process as well
  • I not only want to complete the project, I want to ‘want to’ complete it
  • One is David Allen, the author & creator of the productivity method, ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD)
  • Other is Shaan Puri, the famous podcaster at ‘My First Million’ podcast
  • He didn’t have any fancy bells and whistles!
  • He didn’t meticulously link this database with that one… and that with another one.
  • He didn’t even live off his to-do list and actually spends 95% of his time on Evernote.



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