The 3 Stories Triangle Method

Do you want to write and publish more regularly?

And as a writer, just starting out, do you want it to be read by thousands of raving fans?

You might have read loads of ‘how-to-write’ articles. Yet you feel more confused than you started. I get it. I was there. In fact, I just as confused when I started.

It’s for you — the newbie writer — who is just starting now. I wished I knew this 2 months back, when I started writing on the internet, more seriously. I hope it will help you.

It’s called ‘3 Stories Triangle Method’. I learnt it from a digital marketer from India — Gopal Krishnan. And it is revolutionizing my approach to writing.

It’s simple yet powerful. You can use it to write as many articles as you want, without taxing your time and effort. And it will work, even if you haven’t written or published any article before.

So what is this “3 Stories Triangle” technique?

As the name suggests, you structure your article around 3 stories.

1. Untold Pains:

First you start with untold pains i.e., the fear and frustrations of the audience you are targeting

2. UnExpected Gains:

Second, you write about the unexpected gains — the hopes and dreams — your readers can get with your offer

3. Journey from Untold Pains to UnExpected Gains:

Finally, provide proof. And what better way than to share stories of people whom you created value for through your offer.

I told you it would be simple.

Pains -> Gains -> and the Journey!

That’s all it takes. But powerful!

How Andrew increase traffic to his blog using this technique?

This is a technique that Andrew, one of my students, is using to write and publish various articles on sustainability and minimalism.

He is from India and he hasn’t studied in a English medium school. Earlier he had only 12–20 visitors per month. Now he’s getting at least 200 visitors.

That may not sound a lot to you, but it is a lot for him. And he’s confident that it will increase in the future.

How Darcy writes faster using this technique?

Dracy wanted to write. But time was not in her favour. She has so many ideas, but she couldn’t articulate it and structure it as quickly she wants.

Now using this technique, she is able to write an article from drafting to publishing in less than 4 hours, which would have otherwise taken her more than 16 hours to outline, draft, write, rewrite, edit and finally publish.

What about me?

I recently completed a milestone. On July 20, 2020, I successfully published my 100th articles on Medium. No I wasn’t using the 3 Triangles Technique then. But I did write the last 5 articles using it.

In fact, if you noticed it, I have used this technique to write this very article you are reading now.

My traffic increased from 500 views per month to 1000 visitors. And I’m getting claps & fans & followers too.

Now it’s your turn…

The 3 Stories Triangle method gives you the power to not only articulate your ideas in a readable form, but also helps to build and present your ideas quickly with less tinkering and rewriting.

I’m sure with this simple template you can write 100 different articles based on whatever ideas you can come up.

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Untold pains
  2. Untold gains
  3. Journey from pains to gains

All the best to your writing journey!

What do you think are the most overlooked but useful skills in life/work? WRITING! You already know this. That is why you are reading this article.

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Originally published at on July 29, 2020.



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